Sunshine’s Macro Monday #19


So thankful every week for all who participate in Sunshine’s Macro Monday.  I have a wonderful time looking through your photos.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, y’all.

Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Flying Zebra
Texas Discovery Gardens


What is macro photography?  Basically, macro photography is capturing small subjects with larger than life results. A true macro shot could be anything magnified at a ratio of 1:1 or higher.  For the purpose of this challenge, we will not be strict with the 1:1 rule.  I am more interested in people having fun looking for the details, whether it is true macro or close-up photography.  A macro lens is not a must.  Great results can be obtained with whatever zoom lens and camera is on hand.

Everyone is welcome to join in with one or more macro or close-up shots each week.  Create a pingback or add a link in the comment section below. Even though this is a Macro Monday Challenge, feel free to post your macro shots any time through the week.

©Irene Tron. All rights reserved. All photos are my own.

52 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday #19

  1. Cool… you keep posting American butterflies… so I know what to look out for when we’re next there… and you keep making me jealous!!😁
    PS – OK, back link placed… see if it arrives in a hour or so!?

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