19 thoughts on “Glowing in the Sunshine

      1. Always the way of winter into Spring. Here in Tasmania we have had snow on the Mountain ranges and Mount Wellington(the mountain that sits behind Hobart. The second year I lived here I was living in hobart and working shifts. I woke up in the a afternoon on boxing day to see a snow covered Mt Wellington. Summer here is so unpredictable As it sound like at your place.


      2. Oh, my goodness! 😳 We had the mildest winter since we moved here 14 years ago so I cannot complain about the weather. Always glad when spring gets here.


      3. I love it when I can snuggle with the fire going and the winter storms and wind outside. The dogs and I. Soup or stews cooking, chai on the fire top Or working in the garden getting it ready for the spring all rugged up until with the winter sun I end up being just in a tshirt and trackies. The mud and rain will usually get to me lol and then I am so delighted when I see the first flowers appearing. I love our four seasonns her actually.


      4. Agree completely. Even have a pot of soup cooking in the crock pot already to be eaten much later today. 😊


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