Highlights of Sunshine


Time for our first Highlights of Sunshine for the month of March 2020.  On the first of each month, I will be posting some of entries to Sunshine’s Macro Monday from the previous month that I thought were memorable and deserving of another look.  They will be listed in no particular order and the requirement is simple – they made me sigh or smile a bit bigger as they told a story through their macro/close-up shot.  Please take a look and then leave a comment on the photographer’s site.

Almond Blossoms by Pictures Imperfect Blog – And So It Begins 
Butterflies by hansedeern:hamburg – Malachitfalter
Water drops and seed buds by Kamerapromenader – Sporocarps
A bee and a flower by Little Pieces of Me – Macro Monday
Daddy Long Legs by Daphsam Photography & Art – Sunshine’s Macro Monday #32
Where’s the Acorn by one letter UP ~ diary 2.0 Acorn Cap Survivor
Butterflies by Peace of Life Today – Sunshine’s Macro Monday #32
Black & White Flowers by Photo Roberts Blog – sunshine’s macro monday 32
Flowers by My camera & I – Where Flowers Bloom
Wispiness by Little Pieces of Me – Macro Monday
Flies by hansedeern:hamburg – Die Fliege
Seeds, buds, and a kitty by Mama Cormier – Sunshine’s Macro Monday -34
Lily and a Scarab by Beautiful Photographs – Sunshine’s Macro Monday #34
Spring Flower by nowathome:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday #34
Flower by Zebra’s Child – Sunshine’s Macro Monday

Never thought it was going to be so hard to pick just a few.  Here you have it.  Enjoy!

Easter Lily


©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

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