Mirrors of Sunshine #1


Yippee!  Had some lovely reflections entered for the first week of Sunshine’s Reflections. Take a look through the reflections by clicking on the links below and maybe even leave a comment on their sites.  Come back tomorrow for the next Sunshine’s Reflections.

citysonnet – Viola petal with drops
bushboy photos – Reflection
simply beautiful – after the snow
Philosophy Through Photography – Reflections

Reflection of Life
Seeing Double

Now that spring has made an entrance in my part of the world, I’ve been out on the hunt for reflections as I hike along the trails.  My shot for today was captured in Chicago on a cold winter day with clear skies.

The next Sunshine’s Reflections post will go live at midnight tonight – US Central Time.   Come back as often as you like throughout the week and post your photos of reflections.  If I missed your entry, please let me know.


©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

2 thoughts on “Mirrors of Sunshine #1

  1. Well, how did I miss this? I went back and checked out your original post. Just lovely! I’ve been looking for reflections recently, after I saw another photo challenge (that I didn’t not act fast enough to join). I’m ready to join tomorrow’s challenge 🙂


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