Holding On


A female red-winged blackbird, holding on tight to cattails.  At least, I think this is an image of a female red-winged blackbird but I am not sure.  Feel free to correct me on the identification.


Holding On
Red-winged Blackbird

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Image


©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.


15 thoughts on “Holding On

    1. Thanks for the confirmation, Donna. It is amazing to watch them fly and land on the reeds. It seems like the easiest thing in the world to do. Amazing! I have trouble standing on solid ground sometimes. 😂


    1. Thanks, Doug. They look so different from the males. I was just on the Cornell site and was surprised to see how many birds are blackbirds that I never would have guessed. Amazing! 😊


      1. I don’t think we have the yellow-headed blackbirds here. I probably would not realize what they were if I saw one but I would definitely remember that call! Thanks for the link.


      2. Nope, definitely have not seen one of those around here. I am finding birds so much more interesting lately. I may be getting the birding bug. 😊


      3. When I was in better shape, I was very active in state birding activities, to the point of serving as vice president of the Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union. It was good (outdoor) fun, got me out of the house, and gave me a greater appreciation of how many different species of birds there are where I live, though I’d been pretty much aware of only a few very common ones till I got a pair of binoculars.


      4. I am impressed. 😊 I have binoculars so now I just have to remember to take them with me.


      5. Thanks for the link. I have the Audubon app on my phone. I will definitely look at the books you’ve recommended. Appreciate your encouragement. 😊


      6. Haha! Thanks for the link. Made me laugh because that is exactly what it sounds like. 😂


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