Overwhelmed by Time

Abandoned and Overwhelmed

Along the Trail – An outhouse, abandoned and overwhelmed by time.

Settings: ISO 2500 50 mm f/14 1/30 sec
Location: Meadowbrook Nature Preserve 8.13.20

©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Old Buildings

8 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Time

  1. Interesting. The doors are plain. Gender issues aside, no “half moons” or what ever else is supposed to be traditionally on outhouse doors? I suspect the building is not that old, though it certainly has become… picturesque?

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    1. You have a great eye and are so right on all counts. Not sure how old they are but I came across these trails for the first time about 5 years ago.


    1. Must have been. The land it is on used to be a Girl Scouts campground at one time. Just happened to come across these along one of the trails. 😊


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