Protection from Within

In the Desert Garden

Organ Pipe Cactus

Cacti in the garden with thorns providing tiny but mighty protection from within.

Settings: 105 mm ISO 500 f/22 1/20 sec
Location: Oak Park Conservatory 3.10.20

Β©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

Thorns – Pic and a Word Challenge

12 thoughts on “Protection from Within

  1. We had a similar but much smaller (for the window sill) cactus when I was a kid. We also had a canary that we often let loose to fly in the kitchen. (Bad idea, yes.) The canary was a canny creature and loved to perch in the window. It began picking at the cactus in a systematic sort of way and soon all one side was bare of stickers. We thought nothing of it until one day we found the bird eating its way through stickerless side.

    The cactus endured but never recovered… maybe a vegetable equivalent of PTSD?

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