18 thoughts on “Wintry Reflections

    1. Agree! Definitely not safe for skating on this day. πŸ€” It does freeze solid enough most winters to host an ice fishing competition at this location. Have a great day.


    1. Hehe! Believe me, I am not trying to rush things. 😁 No to both questions. Haven’t had a need for a new lens in quite a while. I rarely use my phone mainly because I almost always have my camera bag with me. Why do you ask?


      1. I didn’t realize a phone camera can take photos at 50mm and I was wondering why you used ISO 5000. The images look great though, my mirrorless is really only good up to about ISO 1200 although I’ve pushed it to 2000.

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      2. Great observations, Mike. Since I just recently changed the process of my thinking before I click the shutter, I was interested to know what you had noticed to prompt the question. My Nikon SLR is capable of reaching ISO 25,600 but as with any camera, it is not very good when pushed to the extreme. It does well at ISO 5000, though.

        For most of my few years experience in photography, I had been concentrating on my ISO setting first (before the shutter). After watching John Greengo’s Fundamentals of Photography for the zillion + time, I realized that maybe since I handhold all my shots I needed to think about my shutter speed a bit more. It was a slap on the head β€œaha” moment for me. Yes, I am a bit slow at times. 😁

        Have a great rest of the week.

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