Pacific Meets Honolulu

Honolulu Skyline

View from the top of Diamond Head – the Pacific meets Honolulu skyline.

Settings: 50 mm ISO 100 f/14 1/200 sec
Location: Honolulu. view from Diamond Head State Monument 6.21.19

Β©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

One Word Sunday – Skyline

15 thoughts on “Pacific Meets Honolulu

      1. There are lots of places along the trail to step aside to rest for a bit. My excuse was usually, β€œAh, look at the view! I have to stop and get a pic.” πŸ˜‚

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  1. I think it was in 2000 that my husband and I went to Hawaii for our anniversary. We ran across the start to this trail not realizing where it lead. What a treat when we made it to the top! And, we picked up a little certificate along the way to prove it! Beautiful photo!!

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      1. Yes! It was in 2005 (I had to look it up) and I remember it being in a little alcove just before we hit the top. “I Climbed Diamond Head and Survived” 271 steps it says. I think we had to pay $2 for it 😊

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