Who am I and how in the world did I get here with a photoblog? I am an introvert and a morning person who loves the outdoors. I discovered around 2014 that those three traits fit in perfectly with photography, As I headed out the door for a hike one morning, I happened to grab an old point & shoot camera that had been laying around and unused for years. That was the start of my journey in photography. Ever since that day, I have not stepped on a trail without my hand holding some type of camera.

My blog posts include a variety of images from landscapes, wildlife, flowers, waterscapes, butterflies, and whatever else catches my eye in God’s amazing world.​​​​​​​ Occasionally, I may even click a shot of another person just for the enjoyment of capturing a fun memory in life.  My goal is to capture the beauty of God’s creation through the lens of a camera. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back often.

Irene Tron – Heavens Sunshine

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