Bird of Many Colors

Bird of Many Colors

My first attempt ever at writing a haiku. Never too old to try something new, right?

Alert and watchful
A bird of many colors
Parakeet, maybe?

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16 responses to “Bird of Many Colors”

    • Thanks, Manja. I have way too much on my list of things to try and places to go to slow down now. If I stop, I might realize how many things I have missed and give up trying. 😂

  1. Well done!!! Both in terms of your excellent picture of the amazing bird as well as your words.
    Nor have I ever tried to write a haiku, maybe I should try…😁

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Anita. I had thought about trying one for awhile and finally took the plunge. It was fun. 😁

    • Bubba, a great name for a parrot. Hadn’t even considered that it might be a parrot. There were dozens of these little birds nesting in the eaves of the roofs. Thanks for your help. 😊

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