Changes Are Happening

Changes Are Happening

I have spent the last couple of days updating my site with the WordPress newest Editor in beta. After a few successful chats with the help desk, I have changed a few things that I have been wanting to do for a long time and it got easier and quicker with each try. I have added a couple collections of snapshots and a portfolio on my menu. If you’d like to look through the changes, either click portfolio or the dropdown list on snapshots above on the menu. Another option is to just click the titles below.

Indiana Dunes

Along the trails of the Indiana Dunes National Park and also the Indiana Dunes State Park.


Beauty in the smallest details.


Highlighting some of my favorite images.

Planning on adding a couple more snapshot collections but that can wait a bit. Heading out the door for a hike with my camera in hand.

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  1. What a great change to your site. I need to learn more about the new blog editor. I didn’t know that WP took calls. Good luck and looking forward to more of your images.

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