Glimpse Through the Trees

Glimpse Through the Trees

Three views on three different trails. First, a glimpse through the trees along the Upland Trail at Pinhook Bog . The Upland Trail is a lollipop shaped trail, about 2 miles long. There is a slight gradient that goes up and over a sand dune but it is not too difficult. One caution – after a good rain, this trail can be very slippery and you will most likely have to walk through puddles.

The peek below was captured last week on the trail at the Douglas Center. Both paths (above and below) are part of the Indiana Dunes National Park trail system.

Last is a boardwalk on trail #2 at the Indiana Dunes State Park. This boardwalk is an ideal spot for birders and photographers. The boardwalk goes over wetlands. Walk slowly and softly and you’ll be sure to see a variety of small and large birds. There are benches along the boardwalk for relaxing a bit. This is a flat 2.5 mile looped trail.

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