Is It a Finch or Sparrow?

Is It a Finch or Sparrow?

So interesting! I came across this bird while in Maui last month. According to Merlin Bird ID, it is called a Java Sparrow but it is actually an endangered finch. Hmmm, a bit odd don’t you think? Wonder how that happened.

Is it a Finch or Sparrow?

Many thanks to Photos by Donna who has helped me multiple times with bird identification, including on this cute Java Sparrow.

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20 responses to “Is It a Finch or Sparrow?”

    • I had no idea what a puffin looks like so I looked it up. I would have probably guessed the same thing, Susan. 😉

  1. Adorably beautiful, love those combined colors and that beak! Looking more at your photo and comparing with sparrows and finches, I think the beak looks more like a grosbeak’s beak, and grosbeaks are finches too. Maybe why the species switchover. Really, I think Mother Nature just wants to keep us on our toes! hehe Thanks for the shout-out, Pepper, I do not mind helping you or any one, I need help myself sometimes. My husband will say in more ways than one. 😜 Enjoy your weekend!

    • When reading up on sparrows, I was so surprised to see how some can look so different and yet others so different. Very, very interesting. 😊 Hope you enjoy your weekend too. Stay warm.

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