Straight Lines in Architecture

Straight Lines in Architecture
Her Majesty’s Treasury – London (white building in back)

Different places, different styles, different periods. One built with basic simplicity. Several built to impress.

Bailly Homestead – Indiana Dunes National Park

There seems to be one constant in all buildings. One can find layer upon layer of straight lines in architecture of all styles.

Wrigley Building – Chicago

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    • London is wonderful and I’d go back in a second if given the chance but I agree with you. If I had to pick one place as a forever home, give me the cabin in the woods. 😊

  1. I find it interesting in the photo from London, the front 2 buildings have round turrets of the corners except for the corner where the door is. All of those lines are straight. Great shots, course being a country girl, I am partial to the cabin.

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