Warmth to Iciness

Contrasting perspectives from two seasons, summer and winter – warmth to iciness. Both pics are from the same location.

Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk 20.5.22

Which one do you prefer – the warmth of summer above or chilly cold of winter below?

Portage Lakefront & RIverwalk 19.2.1

©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #107 – Winter

Right or Left

Which Way Do I Go?

On a hike along the trail, which way would you go? Follow the curve on the path to the right or left across the boardwalk?

Settings: 50mm ISO 6400 f/14 1/25 sec – handheld
Location: Little Calumet River Trail Indiana Dunes National Park

©Irene Tron  All rights reserved.  All photos are my own.

Which Way Photo Challenge