The Old Cabin

The Old Cabin

Welcome to Newcom Tavern, also known as the Old Cabin, in Carillon Historical Park – Dayton, Ohio.

Built in 1796 as a tavern and hostel, it is now the oldest building in Dayton that is still standing.

According to Wikipedia, food and lodging for one person and a horse used to cost 65 cents. Need a place to stay for a night or two?

There is much more to see in the area of Carillon Park. Just a short walk from the Newcom Tavern stands the Wright Brothers National Museum. but that is for another post.

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12 responses to “The Old Cabin”

  1. What an exciting historical place you visited!! I love your images of the Old Cabin, it looks like the whole place was built in wood! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Irene 🥰😍

    • Yes, it was all wood and so well built. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for commenting, Anita. 😊

    • I do enjoy looking back at history and learning from the past. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  2. I’ve actually seen this place. Nice photos—jogged my memory quite well. My dad was stationed at Wright Patt, so we visited as many places as possible while there.

    • My hubby grew up in the Dayton area. We still go to Carillon Park and the Air Force Museum practically every time we visit. 😊

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